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Have you ever wondered just how many airparks there are in Texas? The answer is – a bunch (112 as of 2019)! Here’s the most complete list we have of every Airpark Community in the great state of Texas. If you know of one we missed, please drop us a line and we will be happy to include it in our list!

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Abilene Executive Airpark (TX00) Abilene, TX Runway: 2723 x 210 ft turf

Aero Country Estates (T31) McKinney, TX Runway: 4352 x 60 ft. asphalt/turf

Aero Estates (T25) Frankston, TX Runway: 3100 x 60 ft.turf

Airpark Dallas Airport (F69) Dallas, TX Runway: 3080 x 30 ft. asphalt

Arrowhead Airpark  (79TE) Lagarto, TX Runway: 3400 x 100 ft. turf

Bar V K Ranch Estates (TX32) Bolivar, TX Runway: 2900 x 100 ft. turf

Biggin Hill Airpark (TA67) Shallowater, TX Runway: 3000 x 60 ft. turf

Bob Sylvester Airpark / Granite Shoals Municipal Airport (2G5) Granite Shoals, TX Runway: 2000 x 50 ft. turf/dirt

Bourland Field Estates (50F) Cresson, TX Runway: 4049 x 60 ft. asphalt

Breakaway Airpark (40XS) Cedar Park, TX Runway: 3000 x 30 ft. asphalt

Bridgeport Airport Estates (KXBP) Bridgeport, TX Runway: 5005 x 75 ft. asphalt

Canyon Lake Airpark (34TS) Canyon Lake, TX Runway: 2600 x 45 ft. asphalt

Charping Airport (5TA1) Temple, TX Runway: 2200×60′ turf

Cielo Dorado Estates (NM05) El Paso, TX Runway: 4000 x 50 ft. asphalt

Covey Trails (X09) Fulshear, TX Runway: 3352 x 100 ft. turf

Cross Country Estates (07TS) Georgetown, TX Runway: 2500 x 75 ft. turf

Driftwood Ranch (XA86) Weatherford, TX Runway: 2975 x 40 ft. asphalt

Dry Creek Airport (TS07) Cypress, TX Runway: 3580 x 73 ft. turf

Ducote Airpark (TS65) San Angelo, TX Runway: 3700 x 30 ft. asphalt

Eagle Air Park (1TS0) Brazoria, TX Runway: 2700 x 140 ft. turf

Eagle Landing Airport (61TA) Avenger, TX Runway: 4000 x 100 ft. turf runway

Eagle’s Nest Estates (T56) Midlothian, TX Runway:  3216 x 36 ft. concrete

Echo Lake (TX40) Murchison, TX Runway: 2600 x 40 ft. asphalt

Elm Creek Airpark (0TX6) Seguin, TX Runway: 1925 x 75 ft. turf

Fair Weather Field (TX42) Brookshire, TX Runway: 3375 x 30 ft. asphalt

Fentress Airpark (XS90) Fentress, TX Runway: 3200 x 50 ft. paved

Flat Bush Airpark (XA99) Decatur, TX Runway: 2300 x 100 ft. turf

Flying Acres (TX18) Houston, TX Runway: 2,640ft. Grass

Flying S Air Ranch (10XS) Brownwood, TX Runway: 2700 x 75 ft. turf

Flying T Ranch Airpark (41TS) Anna, TX Runway: 2000 x 150 ft.n turf

Freedom Springs Ranch Airport (TA66) Pipe Creek, TX Runway: 2150 x 100 ft. dirt

Glostershire Airport Subdivision (1XA7) Sealy, TX Runway: 3400 x 75 ft. turf

Fort Clark Springs (74TX) Bracketville, TX Runway: 5500 x 200 ft. turf

Gun Barrel Airpark (74XA) Gun Barrel City, TX Runway: 3075 x 45 ft. asphalt

Hidden Valley Airpark (5TX0) Shady Shores, TX Runway: 2600 x 35 ft. asphalt

Hicks Airfield (T67) Ft Worth, TX Runway: 3740 x 60 ft. asphalt

Hillcrest Airpark (7TX4) Arlington, TX Runway: 2000 x 30 ft. asphalt

Hilltop Lakes (0TE4) Hilltop Lakes, TX Runway: 3018 x 40 ft. asphalt

Holly Lake Ranch (16TE) Hawkins, TX Runway: 2700 x 30 ft. asphalt

Hooks Airport (DWH) Spring, TX Runway: 7009 x 100 ft. asphalt

Horseshoe Bay (KDZB) Horseshoe Bay, TX Runway: 5977 x 100 ft. asphalt

Horseshoe Bend (F78) Weatherford, TX Runway: 3000 x 30 ft. turf

Huber Airpark (E70) Seguin, TX Runway: 3415 x 50 ft asphalt runway

Kestrel Air Park (1T7) San Antonio, TX Runway: 3000 x 40 ft. asphalt

Kezer Air Ranch (61TE) Springtown, TX Runway: 2400 x 20 ft. asphalt

Kingsland Estates (TS18) Kingsland, TX Runway: 3233 x 150 ft. turf/gravel

Lake Bonanza (33TA) Montgomery, TX Runway: 2579 x 200 ft. turf

Lake Country Airpark (67TX) Emory, TX Runway: 2000 x 75 ft. turf

Lake Livingston Air Park (00R) Livingston, TX Runway: 3704 x 60 ft. asphalt

Lake Water Wheel (XS99) Shepherd, TX Runway: 2600 x 100 ft. turf

Lakeway Airpark (3R9) Lakeway, TX Runway: 3930 x 70 ft. asphalt

The Landings Airpark (66TE) Granbury, TX Runway: 3100 x 50 ft. asphalt

The Landing Airport (9XS1) Hill, TX Runway: 3044 x 100 ft. turf

Lazy K Acres (0TX7) Grapevine, TX Runway: 2250 x 50 ft. turf

Laguna Park Community Airport (TX82) Laguna Park, TX Runway: 1824 x 150 ft. turf

Marmack Field Estates (TE85) Montgomery County, TX Runway: 2100 x 16 ft. asphalt

Mustang Beach Airport (KRAS) Port Aransas, TX Runway: 3482 x 70 ft. asphalt

Nacona Hills (No FAA Identifier) Nacona, TX On Dallas Sectional as Unverified (red circle with “U”). GPS 33-50.50N, 097-38.55W. Runway: 3000 x 150 ft. Rwy 35/17, turf with tar and rock underneath

Nassau Bay Airpark (0TX0) Granbury, TX Runway: 2800 x 200 ft. turf

Parker County Airport (WEA) Weatherford, TX Runway: 2892 x 40 ft. asphalt

Pecan Plantation (0TX1) Granbury, TX Runway: 3500 x 50 ft. asphalt

Poetry Landing (33XA) Royse City, TX Runway: 2800 x 40 Dirt. dirt, in poor condition

Polly Ranch (7XS0) Houston, TX Runway: 2700 x 22 ft. asphalt

Possum Kingdom / Sportsman’s World Airport (TA65) Strawn, TX Runway: 4200 x 65 ft. / asphalt

Prairie Aire (4TA0) Needville, TX Runway: 3200 x 35 ft. asphalt

Propwash Airport (16X) Justin, TX Runway: 3000 x 60 ft. asphalt

Rhome Meadows Airport (T76) Rhome, TX Runway: 3700 x 60 ft. turf

River Falls Airport (H81) Amarillo, TX Runway: 6015 x 60 ft. asphalt

RJW Airpark (54T) Baytown, TX Runway: 5035 x 40 ft. asphalt / 3532 x 100 ft. turf

Sandy Creek (73TX) New Waverly, TX Runway: 2800 x 100 ft. turf

San Geronimo Airpark (8T8) San Antonio, TX Runway: 3000 x 40 ft. asphalt

Silver Wings (TS36) Fredericksburg, TX Runway: 3800 x 80 ft. asphalt

Shirley Williams Airport (44TE) Kingsland, TX Runway: 2600 x 100 ft. turf

Sky Lakes (37XA) Waller, TX Runway: 4190 x 50 ft. asphalt

Skywest (7T7) Midland, TX Runway: 5000 x 42 ft. asphalt

Songbird Ranch (91TS) Rosharon, TX Runway:  3200 x 30 ft. concrete

Spicewood Airport (88R) Spicewood, TX Runway: 4185 x 30 ft. asphalt

Sport Flyers (27XS) Brookshire, TX Runway: 4091 x 120 ft. turf

Stagecoach Hills (4TX2) Westlake, TX Runway: 2700 x 90 ft. turf

Stephens County Airport (KBKD) Breckenridge, TX Runway: 4997×100′ asphalt

Sunrise Beach Airpark (2KL) Sunrise Beach Village, TX Runway: 2649 x 110 ft. turf

Tailspin Estates (58TX) Dallas/Ft Worth, TX Runway:  2600 x 100 ft. turf

Tailwind Airpark (Thompson Field) (1TA7) Edgewood, TX Runway: 2500 x 40 ft. asphalt

Texas Heritage Airpark (TE86) New Berlin, TX Runway: 3100 x 70 ft. turf

Texoma Estates (3T0) Pottsboro, TX Runway: 3000 x 60 ft. turf

The Landing at Blanco (3TA5) Blanco, TX RunwayL: 3450 x 30 ft. asphalt

Thompson Field (1TA7) Canton, TX Runway: 2500 x 40 ft. asphalt

Threshold Ranch (5C1) Boerne, TX Runway: 5006 x 60 ft. asphalt

Twin Oaks (T94) San Antonio, TX Runway: 2225 x 30 ft. asphalt

Tierra Linda Ranch (60TE) Kerville, TX Runway: 3000 x 50 ft. asphalt

TxAeroSport/Tx Aero Estates (T25) Howe, TX Runway: 3100 x 60 ft. turf

Waverly Acres Airpark (SX09) New Waverly, TX Runway: 4100 x 125 ft. turf

West Houston Airport (KIWS) Houston, TX Runway: 3953 x 75 Ft. asphalt

White Wings Airpark (31TS) Wimberly, TX Runway: 3000 x 50 ft. asphalt

Wildwood Resort (XA91) Village Mills, TX Runway: 3200 x 150 ft. turf

Wolfe Air Park (3T2) Manvel, TX Runway: 2910 x 80 ft. turf

Zuehl Airport (1TE4) Marion, TX Runway: 3000 x 200 ft. turf